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Perfect Way or The Finding of Christ by Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland (2nd edition 1887)

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The Perfect Way or The Finding of Christ
Kingsford, Anna (Bonus) and Maitland, Edward; : Field and Tuer,(London/1887); 2nd edition (enlarged/revised); G; Not Ex-Library, Not Book Club, Not Print on Demand; HB- Dark green cl w/dark blue cl paste-down label on front(w/black lettering/design, minimal edgewear) + spine(gilt lettering, partially detached), minimal edgewear/bumping, 1st endpage + ffep torn off, spine strong; 342pgs-5pgs illustrations, Theosophical lib stamp on front/back endpage, clean/flat, aging.

Prominent among mystics + theosophists in the 1880's as well as politically active throughout her adult life, Kingsford was a feminist, vegetarian, + anti-vivisectionist. In addition to serving a term as Theosophical Society president (London) she founded (+headed) the Hermetic Society (forerunner of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). Aleister Crowley stated: ‘She, + she alone, made Theosophy possible, + without Theosophy the world-wide interest in similar matters would never have been aroused.’
Kingsford’s principal collaborator in mysticism was Edward Maitland,Together, Kingsford + Maitland elaborated the teachings of what they called "the new Gospel of Interpretation" through a series of lectures. These lectures + a collection of Kingsford/Maitland's spiritual revelations was published in 1882 entitled ‘The Perfect Way, or the Finding of Christ’; it would be the only text of her mystical illuminations published during her lifetime. Complex and groundbreaking, the book explained the misinterpretation + misuse of biblical texts over centuries + the potential for Christianity to be less bound by tradition and the clergy.