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Tarot of the Origins by Sergio Toppi

Tarot of the Origins by Sergio Toppi. Publisher: Lo Scarabeo, 2000. Crads - 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana with divinatory instructions (a 14 page folded booklet). ISBN 8886131976. Box is worn, missing a flap. Booklet has no unintended folds. Deck is unopened new, still in original shrink wrap. CB06a

"This 78 card deck makes the Tarots of the Origins the perfect expression of raw, primal archetypal conditions while maintaining the complexity of the modern human experience. Artist Sergio Toppi's sophisticated pen and ink and watercolor art is reminiscent of things nearly forgotten yet strangely familiar, allowing the reader to reconnect with humankind's shared spiritual origins. The Tarots of Origin s have a different and innovative concept with respect to traditional Tarots. The card suites we are normally used to are replaced by specifically chosen colors which in turn refer to different menings and messages in an essential, instinctive world." - from blurbs