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Imagination Cycle by Ginny Ruffner (Author/Artist)

Imagination Cycle; Ginny Ruffner(Author/Artist), Bruce Foster(Paper Engineering/Design); Museum of Northwest Art(2008); 1st; 8vo; VG/ VG; Not ex-lib, Not remainder, Not Book Club; HB-Stiff accordion pleated, multi-colored cardstock supporting sculptural pop-up design on both sides bound w/flexible cloth strips,very minimal edgewear; Slipcase- Multi-color pictorial w/black lettering to cover + spine, no apparent edgewear

Ginny Ruffner is an artist who is recognized for her versatility in glass and in combining glass with other materials. She is a pioneer in the field of contemporary flameworking, encouraging her students and other artists to break away from the traditional themes of flameworked glass and to develop flameworking as a means of expression for art. Ginny Ruffner's glass sculpture can be seen in galleries and museum collections the world over. Graduating in 1975 with a Masters degree in painting from the University of Georgia, Ruffner relocated to Seattle, WA ten years later and became a significant addition to the burgeoning art glass scene. “My intention has always been to get people to think creatively,” Ruffner says. “By recontextualizing familiar objects, the mind can go to work without the individual even realizing it: what interests me most is the moment when the mind moves from the known to the unknown.”

In Imagination Cycle she has teamed up with paper engineer, Bruce Foster to create this unique pop-up. This beautifully illustrated and crafted pop-up book explores the wonder and curiosity that leads artists young and old to new ideas and creations by taking the reader on a journey through the "what ifs?" and "why nots!" that challenge anyone who picks up a paintbrush or doodles a sketch. Ruffner surprises and inspires the reader as calligraphic text winds amid starry skies, faces hide beneath flaps and pockets, and wildly inventive pop-ups leap off each page. The book turns convention on its head when the end isn't even the end at all, but reveals more pages on the reverse side!. Perfect for the budding young artist or the playful and artistic adult in your life!