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How to Become President by Gracie Allen

How to Become President by Gracie Allen. Duell, Sloan & Pearce. (1940). "first edition" stated with no additional printings listed. Illustrated by Charles Lofgren. There are no photographs in this book, 96 pages. Prepared by the Gracie Allen Self-Delusion Institute. 5" x 7 3/4" Hardcover with no dust jacket. Gold colored cover with red lettering on spine and front cover. Book is cocked. Moderate soiling to edges of page block. Tanning inside front and back covers. FI20a

"Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen (July 26, 1895[1][2] – August 27, 1964) was an American vaudevillian and comedian who became internationally famous as the zany partner and comic foil of husband George Burns, her straight man appearing with her on radio, television, and film as the duo Burns and Allen.

In 1940, .... Allen announced she was running for President of the United States on the Surprise Party ticket.[6]:184–193 Burns and Allen did a cross-country whistlestop campaign tour on a private train, performing their live radio show in different cities. In one of her campaign speeches, Gracie said, "I don't know much about the Lend-Lease Bill, but if we owe it we should pay it." Another typical Gracie-ism on the campaign trail went like this: "Everybody knows a woman is better than a man when it comes to introducing bills into the house." The Surprise Party mascot was the kangaroo; the motto was "It's in the bag." As part of the gag, Allen (in reality, the Burns and Allen writers) published a book, Gracie Allen for President, which included photographs from their nationwide campaign tour and the Surprise Party convention. * Allen received an endorsement from Harvard University.[13]" - Wikipedia

* This book has no photographs or mention of the Surprise Party convention which suggests to me it may have een published before the publicity stunt. - JW