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Hidden Way Across the Threshold by J.C. Street

The Hidden Way Across the Threshold, or, The mystery which hath been hidden for ages and from generations. An explanation of the concealed forces in Every Man to Open the Temple of the Soul and to learn the guidance of the unseen hand. Illustrated and made plain with as few occult phrases as possible by J.C. Street, A.B.N.- Fellow of the Order S.S.S. and of the Brotherhood Z.Z.R.R.Z.Z. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co. (1887). 598 pages. 8 full page plates and a small illustration on page 47. I find occasional symbols interspersed among the text. Hard cover with no dust jacket. Gilt lettering on the spine is almost completely faded away. Moderate cover edge wear. I see a not-very visible one square inch stain on the spine. Edges of the page block are slightly tanned. Previous owner rubber stamp name and address with erasure mark on the first blank page. There is some separation in the front binding that looks like a repair attempt has been made. Light tanning to end papers. Two pin-point sized spots inside front cover. A light spot of foxing and some light tanning to o title page. I found a 1/4" page tear with an associated fold. Not ex-library, not remaindered and not a facsimile reprint. For sale by Jon Wobber, bookseller since 1978. FD26a

"The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (S.S.S. – from Latin: Societas Sanctissimi Sacramenti) commonly known as the Sacramentinos is a Catholic Religious institute of pontifical right composed of priests, deacons, and brothers founded by St. Peter Julian Eymard."- wikipedia. 'The Hidden Way across the Threshold' has a reference to the Order of S.S.S. being connected with the Illuminati.

"The Order of the S.S.S. and Brotherhood of the Z.Z.R.R.Z.Z. was an occult order, reportedly comprised of individuals interested in a variety of esoteric subjects, including Rosicrucianism, Pythagoreanism, Swedenborgianism, Gnosticism, and ancient Egyptian religion." -

I reference the orders to give some idea as to the occultism embraced in this book.