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"Golden Dozen" Little Pocket Manuals from Joe Bonomo's Wonderful World of New Health, Energy, Glamour...

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"Golden Dozen" Little Pocket Manuals from Joe Bonomo's Wonderful World of New Health, Energy, Glamour, Personality and Vital Living. Published by Bonomo Culture Institute, Inc. 1954.

Completely illustrated with Photographs, Diagrams and Charts. 12 numbered paperback books in golden covered box: 1) Make-up and Live (Glamourize Yourself the Hollywood Way). 2)Improve Your Dancing. 5) A Healthier Start in Life For Your Baby. 6) Special Guide for Brides-To-Be for the Perfect Wedding. 7) How to Become Lovelier After Forty. 8) How to Wear Your Hair. 9) How to Find Your Man (how to win him - how to hold him). 10) How to Simplify Your Housekeeping. 11) How to Become a More Popular Hostess. 12) How to Develop a More Successful Personality For a Winning & Magnetic "You". 13) NEW! Bonomo Beauty Ritual (How to Beautify Your Bust Contour). The Scientific & Easy Way to Gain Weight (Shows You How to Add Pounds and Inches).

Each book has 64 pages. I know there is a gap between books '2' and '5', but there are only supposed to be 12 books and that's how many there are. All books are staple bound. There is some wear to the covering boxes. ALl books have light weat to the spine, except #2 on Dancing, which has fairly heavy wear on the spine. no previous owner markings. No folds, creases or tears to pages or covers. Not ex-library, not remaindered, not a facsimile reprint. For sale by Jon Wobber, bookseller since 1978. CI27b

The set details how to be the perfect woman of the '50's. Not politically correct what-so-ever. Otherwise Bonomo's books for men are about fitness and body-building. There is another author, Joe Bonomo, that is a music critic. They are not one and the same.