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Astrolabe by James E. Morrison

Sold out.

Astrolabe by James E. Morrison. Janus (publisher). ISBN-13: 978-0939320301. Paperback. (2007). 438 pages. Appears to be signed by Morrison on the title page. Some cover wear. Bumping to the tips. Otherwise, no previous owner markings. No tears, folds or creases to pages. Binding is tight with no looseness to pages. Not ex-library, not remaindered and not a facsimile reprint. For sale by Jon Wobber, bookseller since 1978. EC25a 3 1/5 lbs

"Jim Morrison's wonderful book explains everything that can be said about the astrolabe and related instruments, including all the details of their construction and use. It is animated throughout by a cheerful faith that this preeminent tool of astronomers past can still play a role in 21st-century scientific education and practical life. If you have ever wondered "how an astrolabe works" (at any level of detail), this is the book that will tell you. --Dr. Bruce Stephenson, Curator, Webster Institute for the History of Astronomy

The astrolabe is one of the most significant scientific instruments of all times. What other instrument has been in continuous use for nearly 2000 years? It solved the critical problems of its day and continues to be admired for its ingenuity and usefulness. The Astrolabe focuses on the instrument itself. Morrison retraces the astrolabe s evolution over the ages and shows how their designs changed and their inscriptions evolved to serve its users. He even hints at its astrological uses where one s fate might rest with the rising or setting of a lucky star. Morrison fast forwards the astrolabe to modern times. He shows how, with dedication, you can make your own surprisingly accurate and beautiful astrolabe. Everything is included: modern star positions, formulas for making graphics and examples of recently crafted instruments. Anyone interested in the history of science or fields like astronomy, navigation or surveying will be astonished at the variety, beauty and utility of the astrolabe. Morrison's book is beautifully illustrated, and supported by a series of useful and instructive appendices. --Dr. Edward S. Popko" from reviews on Amazon