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Animals Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt. Box, book and 78 tarot cards with 2 instructional cards.

Animals Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt. Box, book and 78 tarot cards with 2 instructional cards. Llewellyn Publications. (2005). the book states it is 2nd printing. ISBN-10:0738703214. BOX: Has edge wear, mostly to the box corners, one corner having a small tear. Box is still quite functional. BOOK: No previous owner markings. No tears, folds or creases to pages or covers. Binding is tight with no looseness to pages and with some 'snap'. It is possible this book has never been fully opened, let alone read. CARDS: I counted 78 cards plus 2 cards demonstrating layouts. Cards appear unblemished and are contained in an organdy bag. HB03a

"Ever present in art and mythology, animals have made an indelible impression on our psyche. The Animals Divine Tarot can help us reconnect with the natural world and tune into animal energies for a more intuitive, insightful outlook on life.

Gorgeous and graceful, Lisa Hunt's watercolor imagery showcases sacred creatures and deities from a myriad of cultures: Aztec, Incan, Indian, Japanese, African, Native American, Greek, Roman, and others. Bast, the cat-headed goddess of Egypt, proudly fulfills the High Priestess role while the adventurous coyote treads a rocky path as The Fool. Inspiring imagination and contemplation, this soulful tarot deck invites us to recognize our inner creatures and merge with our animal energies.

Lisa is an internationally known tarot artist whose work includes The Shapeshifter Tarot, the bestselling Celtic Dragon Tarot (Llewellyn), and Fantastical Creatures Tarot (US Games 2007); voted a top 10 tarot deck for 2007 by Aeclectic Tarot. She is the creator of the award winning Animals Divine Tarot (Llewellyn 2005), earning her a 2006 COVR visionary award. Lisa is also the author of the fully illustrated meditation book Celestial Goddesses (Llewellyn 2001). Lisa loves to read and has an impressive collection of books. She has spent her life studying and sketching fairy tales, myths, legends and other fascinating subjects that have driven her muse. She also holds a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Jungian Psychology/Art & Drawing." from Amazon blurb.