formerly Shakespeare and Company Books, now VIcarious Experience

On June 2nd we closed the Berkeley store due to sales not keeping up with overhead, and the wear the long commute has had on me. We tried to sell the store to keep it going, but had no takers. I live 50 miles from Berkeley in a small town (teaming metropolis as I call it) called Cotati. It is an early stop, halfway between Petaluma and Santa Rosa, on the way to the North Bay Wine Country..

For a number of years, before I bought Shakespeare, I ran a bookstore out of my home in Cotati. I plan to revive the 'Vicarious Experience'  bookstore at 60 W. Sierra Ave., but it will take some time.  There is lots to do. 

I also plan some changes to this website. The books here will be of a more collectible nature. 

So please be patient during website reconstruction.

Written by Jon Wobber — July 16, 2015